Property Condition Reports

PCRs are the mandatory documentation of the exact contents and condition of a property. Conducted at the start of a tenancy as evidence and documentation of the condition of the property prior to the tenancy commencing; The PCR is the Property Manager and Landlord’s most crucial tool in holding the tenant accountable.


Final Bond Inspections

Final Bond Inspections are a comparison report from the ingoing PCR (Property Condition Report). The FBI report will highlight any cleaning issues or damages that weren't there in the original PCR. Dated photographic evidence is also taken and corresponds with any issues found at the time of the inspection. These reports are crucial as they determine how the bond will be distributed.


Routine Inspections

A brief report on the status of property that details any concerns about cleanliness and general state of repair; To a maximum of 4 times within a year. These reports can provide some peace and mind to home owner  and can give them insight into how their property is being treated.


Inventory Reports

When a furnished property is for lease, a detailed and descriptive report is made, which details every piece of furniture and its current condition at the time of inspection.